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Chassis Restoration

TVR chassis' suffer badly from corrosion whilst owners are blissfully unaware as their cars can look pristine above. Chassis' suffer mainly along the outrigger tubes and wishbones, which get hammered by road debris thrown up from the wheels and in the engine bay the top chassis tubes lose their coating due to heat from the exhaust manifolds and then corrode. Due to the nature of TVR's powder coating, once it is damaged water creeps behind the coating and corrodes the metal underneath, very often the coating can look intact until it is scraped off to find extensive corrosion damage. Any chassis corrosion needs to be tackled ASAP before it spreads beyond visible areas above the outrigger tubes and before tubes become corroded beyond repair and need replacement.

If your chassis is in good condition with only minor surface rust we can treat this by removing damaged coatings and corrosion back to bare metal, we then apply Hydrate 80 which chemically converts any rust and forms a protective barrier, this is followed with a high zinc content primer followed by several coats of 2 pack paint and finally a coat of protective stone chip paint. When the corrosion has gone too far we can now offer either complete in situ outrigger replacement, a full body off restoration of your existing chassis or a complete new chassis for your Griffith or Chimaera, see below.

We offer a free initial inspection and are happy to discuss and show you any areas of your car that may need attention.

New Standard Chassis
New Chassis
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We are proud to offer our brand new standard chassis' for the TVR Griffith and Chimaera. We have invested heavily in the production of our chassis jig which has been developed using 3 examples of chassis from different ages of cars, an early 1992 chassis, a 1996 chassis and finally a late 1999 chassis. We can now produce a dimensionally correct chassis to the very latest TVR design with improved and strengthened wishbone pick up points and diff mounts plus some of our own improvements using better quality and better grade of materials than the original.

Chassis are made to order and can be supplied for early cars with Rover gearboxes and GKN diffs or the later T5 gearbox BTR diff cars in RHD or LHD. Our chassis' are properly cleaned and sandblasted before being coated with a high quality powder coat in any RAL colour to order. Production usually takes around 6 weeks. Chassis can also be produced using CDS tube for the round tube sections rather than the usual seamed tube thereby giving greater strength & rigidity, call us to discuss.

Standard Chassis Price: £3995 + VAT




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Having our own chassis jig led us to develop our pioneering system of replacing chassis outriggers, we fabricate complete side outrigger sections from the jig, allowing us to repair your car by replacing the complete side outrigger section on your car with the body in situ! We do not have to lift the body at all or cut any part of the body to gain access to weld.

We cut off the original outrigger section right back at the main chassis beams, we then fit up a new outrigger section bolt it to your body and wishbone pick up points and then fully weld in place. The whole process takes about a week to complete in our workshops or we can supply the outriggers as a kit so that your local TVR specialist can install them for you. We have successfully completed this operation now on over forty cars and sold kits to various TVR garages around the country and Europe.

Outrigger Kit (includes a pair of outriggers and fitting kit) - £895 + VAT
Outriggers supplied and fitted - £1800 + VAT